Wisconsin born and raised – I am a portrait and landscape photographer residing in Madison, WI. When I was a little kid, my grandparents lived out in the country. The drive out to their place was half the joy of going. The world away from the city felt like a foreign land to me. It was unfamiliar, yet refreshing, fascinating and always left me wondering what more is out there. I distinctly remember the several decaying houses, many of which still stand today, in the area and how much they spoke to me. Fast forward to my early 20’s, when reality was ever changing, full of surprises and answers in my own life were much needed. I turned to photography to bring me peace and a way to express myself. I bought my first camera when I was 24 years old. By age 25, I was shooting on a completely manual machine. I had figured out what I loved, and with all the miles I had already traveled by this time, all that I had to do was put this in motion and start making what I adored my own. As time went on, I was finding my voice and defining my look, image after image. I never imagined it would come to to this someday, but it has and its beautiful. At age 26, I pursued portrait photography that has taken my passion for photography to a whole new level. Today, I’m shooting more than ever, I’m a man who wanders and walks with a purpose and an artist who loves every aspect of what he does. Along with staying very active in the world of portraiture, I spend a great amount of my free time traveling the backroads searching for my next image and getting to know the unknown, uncovering and capturing the seldom seen. My photography is a lot of times symbolic and aimed to stir and evoke emotions.  I incorporate precision,thoroughness, and accuracy in my craft, and continuously work on creating new ways to leave an imprint and my clients with the best possible finished product they could ask for.