Your choice of premium luster, semimatte or glossy professional paper. Below is a list of traditional sizes, although custom and larger sizes are also available upon request. Other papers and materials are also available. Please email me if you’re looking for something beyond what is specified and i will gladly inform you about any questions or special requests. Prices include shipping.

8X10 – $40

11×14 – $50

16×20 – $80

18×24 – $100

20×24 – $110


These are incredible whether you’ve seen one before or not. Superior materials and the edge cutting technology come together to create these contemporary and trendy works of art. They are brilliant, maintain excellent color retention, unique and cleaner than framed pieces as they completely bypass the framing process of traditional paper prints and are 100% ready to hang. They are also greatly weather resistant. Neither high temperatures, UV light or humidity will effect them. The turn around time for these is anywhere from 10-20 business days, depending on how busy the supplier is. Other sizes are available and the prices include shipping.

8×12 – $140

12×16 – $200

16×24 – $280